Guangzhou Handyware Flavour and Fragrance Company was established in 2003. It is a subsidiary of Handyware Philippines.


The company’s philosophy of “Passion, Innovative, Excellent” is deeply rooted into the daily activities of developing, production and sales of its flavor products.

Guangzhou Handyware Flavour and Fragrance Company has collaborations with flavorists and perfumers from Singapore, Malaysia, USA and Europe as well as its own in-house flavorists and perfumers. Apart from China, we also have technical application specialists from India, Taiwan and Philippines constantly developing new products for our customers’ needs.

Our factory is equipped with fully automatic liquid and powder production facilities to ensure quality and safety of our products.  

We Provides Complete Solutions to Meet Our Customer’s Requirements. 




Guangzhou Handyware Flavour and Fragrance Company provides flavour and technical applications for:


1.Bakery: Oil base, Encapsulation and Powdered Flavour for biscuits and bread and cookies.

2. Confectionary: Oil Base, Water base, Emlusified, Encapsulation flavour for hard candies, soft candies and chewing gum.

3. Drinks and Beverages: Oil base, Water base and  Emulsified flavour for carbonated,juices and jelly products.

4.Ice Cream and Ice lolly : Oil base, Water base flavour for milk base or non base ice cream and ice lolly.


5. Dairy: Oil Base, Water base flavour for dairy products


6. Customised Flavour.


Lastly in order to service our customers better, we have established more than 40 offices in various provinces of China as well as more than 20 representatives offices in  overseas.




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